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"Kitty Yung" (born February 6, 1970 in Los Angeles, California) is the pseudonym of an American pornographic actress of Korean and Hawaiian descent, a fact she states has helped her during her career.

She describes herself as a tomboy during her early life, enjoying sports and outdoor activities. She initially worked as an account manager, and in 1993 became involved in the adult film industry after answering an ad in the LA Weekly for lingerie modeling.

During her first year and a half in the industry, she appeared with natural breasts that had the unusual feature of inverted nipples that popped outward when she was sexually excited. Although originally reluctant to have breast implants, she did so in 1994, at the encouragement of her female coworkers, who told her it would lead to more box covers and magazine layouts. She also had her eyes surgically reshaped at about the same time.

Whether Yung looked better before or after surgery is slightly controversial, with some appreciating her post-surgery appearance, but with others criticizing her implants and eye surgery, preferring the pre-surgery, natural appearance she displayed in her earlier films. Excalibur Films writes, 'Although she may have been more naturally alluring before the surgery, it did seem to add a new intensity to her sexual performances...', while a 1997 Usenet post opines, 'She was so nubile back in the pre op days - the surgery ruined her.' (... more)

During her career from 1993-1995, she performed in over 100 films, often Asian-themed, and marked by copious amounts of anal sex, double and triple penetrations, and 'Wobbly H's', often without condoms. She performed with men more often than with women and avoided urolagnia scenes, describing them as 'too humiliating'. After two years, she quit the film industry in 1995, because of declining interest and fear of AIDS, although she had not contracted it. She moved to Las Vegas in 1996, citing a dislike for LA's 'traffic, smog, earthquakes, people's attitudes, and the dirty ocean', and continued working as an erotic dancer.

After leaving the adult film industry, she started the website ( , about 'food and fantasy that becomes sexual reality'. The site closed down in October 2000.

After being away for about seven years, she returned to the film industry in the early-2000s and starred in several 2002 releases, including the fourth installment of "Hustler's" famous "Asian Fever" series, Elegant Angel's "Please Play Hard With Me", and Video Team's "No Man's Land: Asian Edition 3", in all of which she was credited as her alternate name Tia Son.

She states that one of her favorite co-stars is Peter North, and has performed with controversial producer Max Hardcore, describing him as 'actually a nice guy. Just kind of kinky.' She has said that she is bisexual; when asked if she enjoys women off-screen, Yung's reply was 'A little, just for leisure.'

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