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Kitty Yung is From Korean descent Family but born and raised in Los Angeles. Kitty made her mark in the adult industry in the early 90s with her young tight always tanned body that adult fans crave. Although in the beginning of her career she had natural perky breasts she traded them in for the silicone model. Still sexy and insatiable, the added silicone only seemed to make her hornier and open to anything.


Kitty, thank you very much for agreeing to do an interview for the readers. You have been out of the adult movie business for a while, how long has it been since you've made an adult film?
Seven years.
- Why did you leave?
I was scared of getting AIDS and not happy doing it anymore.
- What was your last movie?
I honestly don't remember.
- What have you been doing since?
Dancing, going to school...
- Any Plans to Return to Porn?
I'm not sure yet. I have been contemplating it, but I'm so busy with everything else right now. If a company offered me a contract I might do it.
- Where did you grow up?
I grew up in Los Angeles.
- What were you like growing up? Outgoing? Shy?
I was a tomboy. I loved climbing trees, fishing and yard work.
- What is your ethnic make up?
Hawaiian and Korean.
- Do you think that helped or hurt your porn career in any way?
It definitely helped.
- Do you live in LA now?
No, I've resided in Las Vegas for four years now.
- When did you come to LA?
I came to LA in 1989.
- Did you like it here?
Yes and no. I like the shopping, restaurants and night clubs, but the majority is no. The traffic, smog, peoples attitudes, earthquakes and dirty ocean are awful. Vegas is beautiful because I get the things I like from Los Angeles without the all of the dislikes.
- Did you come to LA to do movies? Modeling?
No not at all. I came to LA to stay with my dad before I was supposed to go into the Air Force.
- Do the folks back home know what you do?
I don't know. I don't go back home much.
- What about your parents, do they know? What do they think?
Yes. They don't like it and it hurt our relationship for a long time, but now we have a better one because I can tell them anything and have nothing to hide.
- What were you doing before you got into videos?
I was an account manager at a big corporation.
- How did you get into videos?
I answered an ad out of the LA Weekly for lingerie modeling.
- What was the first movie you were in?
I don't remember.
- Who was it with?
Peter North.
- How was it?
Awesome, sexually exploding.
- Are there any movies that you are particularly proud of? Ones readers should watch out for?
The Virgin Treasures or Costa Rican Get Away. Both were shot by Private and are all anal, DP and cumshots in beautiful settings.
- Any favorite males to work with?
Peter North, Marc Wallice and TT Boy. Each guy has different qualities I like when it comes to sex. Peter is hot sex, but not rough. Marc is more romantic and a ladies man. TT Boy is an animal and rough. If I could find all this in one man when it comes to sex I would just cream my panties for the rest of my life and marry him.
- Anyone you wanted to work with, but didn't?
- What about Women?
- Do you enjoy women off screen?
A little, just for leisure.
- How tall are you?
Five feet, three inches.
- What are your measurements?
36C-22 WAIST-26 HIP
- And of course, are they real?
- How long were you in porn before having them done?
About a year and a half.
- Why did you have them done?
I didn't want to do them, but the girls told me I would get more box covers and magazine layouts if I had them done.
- Was there any pressure from within the business to have them done?
Not the actual producers and never from the guys. Just the girls. I found out later they were just really jealous of me being natural.
- Do you watch your own movies?
No, I have never seen one of them. I don't even own one.
- What do you think of the business?
I love it. I wish I had the guts to come back in. If I thought it wouldn't ruin my life again.
- You did a few movies with Max Hardcore, what was that like?
Fine, he is actually a very nice guy. Just very kinky.
- Do people recognize you now from your movies?
Yes, some in the dance clubs, but not too many people from the general public.
- Any favorite thing to do on camera?
Yeah, getting fucked like crazy by two guys at a time.
- Is there anything you won't do on camera?
I couldn't do any of that peeing stuff or anything too humiliating.
- Did you work with condoms?
Not really. If I came back in the business yes, I would work with them.
- Do you think the industry is doing enough to protect performers from HIV?
I don't know. I haven't followed up with the business since I left.
- How does your on screen personality reflect or differ from your real life?
I'm just me on screen or off screen. Full of life, energetic, loves sex and outgoing.
- Any unfulfilled fantasies?
Yes, but that's why I created edible fantasies. I have three pages of fantasies that haven't yet been full filled. I would like to start my own video line with these fantasies because there are no videos with my ideas. That's how sexual I am. I sit around and think of all kinds of fantasies.
- What are you plans for your adult career?
Beyond that?
To write books based on my experiences and try to influence others that no matter what happens in life there they have the power to change their life if they really want to.
- Do you do any feature dancing?
- Any tattoos or body piercing?
- What are your outside interests?
I love kickboxing, rock climbing, any water sports like kayaking, canoeing, jet skis etc. Also, reading, watching a lot of movies, dancing, partying, roller blading and of course the ultimate is sex. Sex, sex, sex. It's really sad. I don't get enough of it right now. I would love to just stay in for at least twenty four hours and have sex with one person every way possible.
- What kind of music do you listen to?
All different types. It depends on my mood. I love everything from Metallica, techno, Shania Twain to Phantom of the Opera.
- Do you have a boyfriend/husband?
Neither. I just got out of a three year relationship so I'm enjoying being single and meeting different guys.
- What do you look for in a man/woman?
- I look for a man to possess, honesty, strength, outgoing personality, ambitions, motivation, love, athleticism, sincerity, family and religious values, spontaneity and the most important, very, VERY sexual.

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